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Harbe Hotel - Lalibela

Where royal treatements awaits!

A Very Warm Ethiopian Welcome and a unique royal treatment awaits you in the historical town of St. Lalibela, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Named after the legendary King Harbe, Harbe Hotel is designed in a way to provide clients with Ethiopian feel and western comfort. King Harbe, was one of the Zagwe Dynasty kings canonized by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. To the outside world he was more known as the legendary Prester John and it is believed that his name must have been given by the rest of the world, from the Ethiopian Janhoy, meaning Emperor. Harbe was a priest as the same time a king, as the rest of the Zagwe kings. He ruled Roha, the then capital of Ethiopia, during the medieval time, when Christianity faced one of its greatest challenges, since its manifestation because of the war against Islam to control Jerusalem. The war was lead by the Ottoman Turks from the end of the 11th century to the beginning of the 12th century. It is believed that the European rulers during that period sent a letter to request help from the legendary Christian King, King Harbe. With just 1KM away from the sites to be visited, we are ideally located from the world renown rock-hewn churches of St. Lalibela. Stay with us and be part of the legend. A royal treatment awaits you at Harbe Hotel-Lalibela!