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The town of St. Lalibela is home to some of the most remarkable rock-hewn churches curved out of one piece of solid rock in the 1200 AD. King Lalibela is credited for the constriction of these marvelous rock-hewn churches. These remarkable edifices were curved out of one solid rock, in a region where the rugged landscape still protects the churches from mass tourism. These churches are and they have been an active Christian shrine for more than 800 years and this is the reason why, they are referred by many as “the living wonders of the world” The town of St. Lalibela is also a venue for some of the most famous religious festival in Ethiopia including: Gena (Ethiopian Christmas) in January, Timket (Epiphany) in January, Tensae (Ethiopian Easter) in April/May and St. Lalibela day in June. Contact us if you would like to know specific dates for any of the festivals as the dates for some of the festivals vary.

The 11 rock-hewn churches are found in the town of St. Lalibela. There are other churches and monasteries to be visited around Lalibela. These churches and monasteries can reached by 4*4 or on a mule back and/or trekking. Our hotel is located 1 KM away from the major sites. Harbe hotel can arrange guided tour to rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and to the churches outside of Lalibela. We also arrange excursions and trekking around Lalibela. Please contact us and we will be very happy to customize a tour depending on your interest and time to make your stay with us even more enjoyable.